15 inch blanket patterns ~ crochet

14 - 15 inch Blanket Pattern Project
I found some amazing yarn that I wanted to see how many blankets I could create from it, so the project started there. I then decided I wanted to name them after our special babies gone to soon. People signed up with their child's name and colors they liked to represent them. I made what I could with the yarn I had using all the 8 skeins (one is not pictured) I didn't get through the whole list before I ran out of yarn, but I did get to make 17 special blankets made.

 I hope to do this again in the future.

This size works well for 18 - 23 weeks gestation which means they pair well with my Lay Me Down Wraps and Faux Knit hats!

Please do not be afraid to use a different hook size, if you tend to crochet loose then the H should work, but if you crochet tighter 
I would suggest going up a size.




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