Knit Fabric Hats Under ~ 28 weeks

So I bought some hats there were double layer for only 50 cents each. When they arrived I found that they were a little too big for even a newborn making them unusable for my program... so I thought HEY I've been trying to perfect this knit hat pattern lets use up some of these hats trying... and the end result is cute LITTLE knit hats that look like they are from gerber :) I LOVE them! 

Please feel free to use these for your own programs or just because. Please do no sell my pattern.

This pattern has THREE hat sizes. 

15-18 weeks
18-23 weeks
24-28 weeks

Here are the files you will need to make these. 

Hat on a 24 week doll

 Same size hat as above on a 28 week doll

 Instructions without images below... for pictures please download the pdf linked above.

Knit Hat Instructions

Print out the Knit Hat Patterns and cut them out. Be sure to follow printing instructions.

Pattern will show which direction you want the  best stretch to be. Fold fabric and lay pattern piece down and trace. I happened to use larger hats I purchased at a steal. But this will work with knit fabric as well.

Cut out TWO from the same fabric. You end up with two long oval shapes with “v”s chopped from their tips.

Sew the “v” together at the end of each piece with a ¼ to an 1/8 inch seam.

Lay fabric right sides together matching  the tips with each other. Starting at one tip sew all the way around leaving about a 1-2 inch space at the end. Sew using ¼ inch seam.

Trim if needed. I like to trim just to provide the minimal amount of bulkiness.

Turn hat.
Sew hole closed.

The top you sewed shut will become the inside of your hat. Take that part and stuff/fold/turn it into your other top. Creating a double layered hat. This allows for the brim to be folded in any way without showing an unfinished seam.  I love this little hat :)

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