Donation: Diapers to Hudson

10 small Teeny Tear diaper sets, 2 large and the one Lay Me Down Wrap kit along with a small bunting from Angel Outfitters all got sent out to Hudson, NY :)

Donation: Bulbs and Hats!

Each year for Christmas I try to donate to the local NICU to help cheer those who have to visit their baby there instead of having them home. This year with the help of some wonderful donaters I sent in 32 hats, 10 headbands and 24 ornaments. (The NICU has a max of 24 beds).


Donation: Diapers to Rochester

32 sets of diapers went out to Unity Hospital in Rochester. I also sent them a sample of the new wrap in hopes to get back some comments/suggestions :)

This donation was special in another way :) Through Miscarriage Blankets and More there is a "new" special program. Every time someone buys a blanket or something needing material an item of like fabric/colors will be donated to a hospital in their special angel's name. This round just happened to be diapers :) Please see the Facebook page for these special photos :)


Sage's Sayings :)

Super SMALL give-a-way in the works to celebrate a new program called SAGE'S SAYINGS* :) For my sweet blighted ovum Sage Owl Herne :) I have a newly created idea/item to go along with it... I want feedback and thought I would spread some Holiday Fun and hopefully some healing with it :) So feel free to SIGN UP :) 

Here is the short list of requirements:
USA resident (sorry internationals)
Loss before 14 weeks
WILL give me feedback on the item received

This will be a drawing based give-a-way unless I only get a few participants. I need to check funds but I'm thinking only 5 will be able to be sent out. 

Still reading? Here's the form to submit your entry!

*More info about Sage's Sayings to come as I iron out some of the details of what I want the program to be :)


Lay Me Down Wrap

NOTICE: I have altered the patterns just a little...please reprint pattern pieces! 

I finally think I've done it :) I've made my Lay Me Down Bunting into an easy to sewn wrap...and the best part... one wrap will fit many different sized angels :)

Extra Small - 14-18ish weeks
Small - 18-23 weeks
Large - 24 - 30 weeks

You can find my matching diaper patterns here

You can find many crochet hat patterns as well here on my blog!

What makes THIS wrap special?
It's the idea that especially smaller babies tend to be fragile. Little arms and little heads can be tough to get through or into things. So why not have an outfit you don't NEED to do that with? Something that the baby can be laid down in and the outfit if brought in around them, but made to look like a tiny outfit with a neck hole and arm holes... need a visual to understand what I'm talking about? Here you go!
 Once the baby is laid down there everything else comes over top or around...they don't need to pick baby up again until the dressing is done and ready to go back to mommy's arms. Soft flannel helps to protect the baby's delicate skin.

Ready to get working on one? 

So as you can see from the examples this is a sewing project. So you will need a sewing machine, flannel, thread, and ribbon. Here's the bits and pieces of the pattern you will need :) Have fun with it... oh and they CAN be used as reversible items as well... so think about that when your choosing your lining.

HOW TO GUIDE for the staff that will be using these items (This is IMPORTANT to include with your wraps so they know exactly what they are and what to do).

These wraps are reversible if you use flannel on both sides?

Hat in this photo made by a lovely volunteer from Stitches from the Heart :)

I would LOVE to see other's pieces when they are done :) And if you ever receive hospital feedback on them good or bad please let me know

This is a unique pattern created by me. It's not to be sold or redistributed under a different name. Items made from it are for donation purposes. Thank you in advance for respecting my intellectual property :)


The front panels do NOT have to be cut on a fold, but you do need to cut two and having the fabric folded (wrong side together or right sides together) and cutting it out will give you the two opposite panel pieces you need.

I tend to add my ribbon after with a sharp needle and just adding two small knots on either side so it doesn't pull through on the nurses/parents when they go to dress the babies.

On the extra small wrap the ribbon goes in the corners not mid curve like on the larger wraps.


Many Hands :)

Through Teeny Tears Bereavement Diapers I learned of a hospital in Georgia that had a HUGE need of items. With volunteers across the country we helped!

Kaitlin's Angels sent along: 

5 blankets
16 outfits in various sizes
8 tiny buntings
50 hats

our first ever KIT! 
The kit includes: 
Lay Me Down Wrap
Teeny Tear Diaper set
and Hat
Along with some other goodies not pictured like a bracelet for baby, bracelet for mommy, certificate of life and pen :) 

What on earth is a Lay Me Down Wrap? 
Pattern coming soon! 


In Memory of...

Donating a round of baskets for under 20 weeks losses and some In Memory of Boxes in honor of Nathan's birth :) 

The ladies at Angel Outfitters and Stacy Robbins helped me full fill a request made by Wilson :) Together we made 20 baskets they generously sent me buntings, hats, and blankets.

Here is what you will also find in these baskets hidden under all the prettie blankets :) 

Then through the In Memory of program on here I have two boxes from someone to bring in :) 

This lovely giraffe themed one is for a little man named : Isaac Coleman Asbell 

 And this lovely girl butterfly themed one heads out in memory of: Mary Grace Asbell.

And I had to make sure my own angels were represented in his celebration of birth, so here's one in memory of Sage Owl Herne :) 

And one for Kaitlin Terra Herne :)


Miscarriage Kits - to Kassis

Wanted to restock my local places before Nathan comes so I brought in 25 new  miscarriage kits to my OB :) 


Changing it up!

Kaitlin's Angels has evolved as the years have went on. Things come and go, etc. This shut down will bring on some new changes :) Some you might like other's you might not... but I need to revamp the program so I can better maintain it.

One of the changes is my hope to launch a new tutorial each month with patterns, ideas, things to include in memory boxes or bags. My reason for doing this is two fold. One is that I get asked alot about what Kaitlin's Angels needs... the items in the tutorials will all be items those interested could make and donate to the program... but my bigger reason is that I want to spark other's to help :) It takes only ONE memory box to touch the life of ONE angel mother. So you don't NEED a program like mine to make a difference :) So even taking one tutorial and making some items and donating them to your local hospital can make a big difference :)

Here is our first tutorial. For now Tutorials will be listed on the side of the blog, that will probably change to a page layout at some point :)

In the spirit of October 15th coming and I will be shut down... I've created a tiny luminary tutorial that can help you make your own special luminary to donate or to keep for you little angel :)

Tiny Luminary Bags

Have fun with them :) 


Columbia Memorial Hospital 5 bags

They asked for us to only send 5 so that is what we did :) 


Closing until further notice

You may have noticed you can no longer purchase a memory box, etc. with the baby on the way and things needing to be caught up on in the shop I need to start trimming my responsibilities. I will be reopening in the new year but with a new focus and some other changes I'm sure.


Jones Hospital 24 Bags

24 bags shipped to Wellsville NY to Jones Hospital. 


March of Dimes walk 2013 Stand

Our first ever stand at the March of Dimes walk. We set brought some items for Angel Parents along with a....

....butterfly garden We asked those who have had losses to add a butterfly to the garden. This is what it looked like at the beginning.

What our garden looked like at the end. I'm hoping each year as we me a presence that more people will get on board and choose to represent their losses here


Auburn NY 21 Bags

21 bags ranging from 16 weeks to full term headed off to the hospital in Auburn NY :)


120 hat kits + some to Stony Brook NY :)

Here's our second ever hat drive that turned into a great project :) Not only did we send hats but we also sent some great kits and themed memory boxes for some special girls :) You can see the whole donation on our Facebook Page.


Miscarriage Kits

Miscarriage Kits donated to my OB's office. 

20 Bags off to Rome NY

20 bags packaged with all kinds of goodies shipped off to Rome, NY today. Kits range from 16 weeks to full term. They record 6-9 losses a year so I'm hoping these bags will last them awhile :) 


Journals to Rochester

50+ journals, packaged and ready to mail to Rochester, NY :) 
Kaitlin's Angels would like to thank those who sponsored them by purchasing a label to be placed inside of the journal. Each purchase of $1 gave us 67 cents after paypal fees. This helped pay for half of the journal cost and the label for the sweet baby represented within :) 
If you would like to see the labels and names please visit my FB album here with them all individually pictured :)
This box is also being shipped with brochures, poem books, tarts, and footprint cards :)