15 days (post from FB)

I don't think I realize how much Sage's pregnancy effected me. I know that others have endured more, but I went 15 days knowing the "child" inside me was gone. I would never see a face, hear a cry or hold a hand. I would have nothing to hold. 15 days each day hoping today would be the last and that the labor would start and 15 days of wishing it was all a mistake and I would have a baby in 8 months to hold. 15 days of living in the numbness of just waiting. When I think back...I feel like I was waiting for months. It was only 15 days, but to me it was a lifetime. Each day felt like it wouldn't end and at the same time I didn't want it to. I was on the verge of hope and despair those days. I don't think I've recovered from it. I found peace with Kaitlin, but with Sage I think my mind is forever stuck in those 15 days."


Crouse Donation - 62 kits

Yay for the Crouse Donation being sent out in the mail today!!! 

This donation is always near and dear to my heart since it's the hospital Kaitlin was born and passed away in.

Here is everything that we put in the kits this go around.

This is what came in the miscarriage kits:

Here's the breakdown of how many kits:

15-18 weeks with outfits -- 15
15-18 weeks Sages Swaddles - 2
15-18 weeks buntings -- 13
18 - 23 weeks -- 14
24-30 weeks -- 6
30-36 weeks -- 6
36+ weeks -- 6

Miscarriage Kits -- 20

(some kits did miss getting their photo done)

Now on the fun stuff...these are kits that have a donated blanket made from the 15 inch blanket project! 

Thank you to Danita for all he help in making MANY parts of this. Not only did she help get it the post office, but she helped from the start with making outfits and wraps, blankets and diapers. She also helped package majority of the kits.



Baby Hat Project!!

Much like the blanket pattern project in the past and the current one Danita is running (click here to find out more about her's)....here's another pattern project. This time it's HATS!

Would you like a pattern named after your little angel? This is your chance...again! It doesn't matter if you signed up before you're welcome to sign up again!

Here's the form! (If it's easier you can use this link to get the form as well: