Donation from Deb!

I don't always get the pleasure of meeting those who help me out. Many items are just mailed to me with names that I know from e-mails or messages. I got the chance to meet Deb :) I do hope she didn't catch whatever bug I had though :)

Thank you so much for the time and love you put into these hats. They are amazingness! I have a special fondness for knit hats...they melt my heart. Thank you Thank you!

DC Center Children

The fabulous children at the local Discovery Center have taken on making some more hats for Kaitlin's Angels. Aren't these no sew hats wonderful! And they were all made by tiny hands for tiny babies :) 


Donations from Kelly!

Kelly has been a long time contributer too to Kaitlin's Angels. Her boxes are always filled with love and such wonderful goodies. She's sent me over the years not only hats, blankets and outfits but also heart pillows and teddy bears :) She's always eager to help and I appreciate every STITCH she does for me! Thank you Thank you my dear!