More Boxes In :)

Received in the mail over the weekend from Lisa H. lovely flower print blanket done in fleece :) She told me bought the fabric to test on and needed a home for her test pieces...I think they found a great place to go and I think some angel mommies will be happy with these :) 

Also got a large box from I Am Blessed, INC. She asked me if we could use some of their items and I said YES :) How cute are these little pods and buntings. Most come completed with a small angel or other charm on them for a very special touch. 

Thank You BOTH very much!! 


Donations IN ~ Donations OUT

Received a fair amount of items in the past few weeks and I've heard more is coming :) Which is excellent! Here are the latest so far :) 
From Teresa B.

From Diane B

From Kelly M.

From Angel Threads

Always looking for blankets it seems as of recent so from small (washcloth sized) to full term (receiving blankets). Then other bits are always nice additions, like booties and outfits. Journals we have a decent amount of...so more of the bits and bobs really...anything can be added :) 

Items OUT from Kaitlin's Angels and Miscarriage Blankets and More
With October here many places are holding walks, etc so I've been sending where and when I could to them :) Not to mention I need to prepare for our local one where I will be guest speaker :) 

Here is a new design I made up to head out to a few of said groups :) 
New style of feet dangle :) 
I have some headed to Becca from  United Through Pregnancy and Infant Loss to put in their love packages.

This grouping is headed to Dola from Project Bear. I've put together 25 of the above for her to hand out or sell to raise money :) 

Phew! I also sent hats to Summer for her collection in honor of Sophee and I know I sent to another walk cards and gift certificates...so we've been busy busy this month :) 


The Regner Angels Event :)

For a few months now we have been working on a project for another special angel mom and a dear friend. Michella Regner of Personalized Custom Creations has 4 sweet little angels and two darling little living girls. In the name of her angels I wanted to do a memory box donation, but it turned into something a little more :) 

It started with the boxes and people donating to them. We received some amazing things to include beyond the norm bits. Like beaded bracelets, hand painted bulbs, etc. 

Then we filled the boxes, which hubby actually helped me with.
 Then how to get them across the state...road trip! I set up a friend to come with me and off we went with a trunk full of goodies for Michella :)

 Once there we needed to open them all up and add some more bits and bobs including little charms from Michella herself :) Her girls even helped out by inspecting the teddy bears to ensure their quality was were it needed to be :)

 Yes this is me and some of the boxes we brought.

Next to take the haul to the hospital. Michella choose Glens Falls since that is where she delivered her two boys. And a small meant to be surprise for Michella the woman who was there for both births happened to be working today! Her angels were working for her :) 

The rest of the day was spent talking and just having some genuine girl fun. 

The project also included helping get Michella's new project up and running. So Kaitlin's Angels donated 33 (i think it was) hat kits to Gabriel and Michaels Memory Mission. 

Be looking to see what our next project might be :)
In the meantime to see more photos visit this page. 


Ithaca NY Hospital

Other than my local hospital this will probably be the last place to receive boxes from this program. I have to convert over to bags for travel purposes. The boxes take up way to much space...so these will be it outside of Wilson Hospital right in town from me (no travel space restrictions. 

This set a friend and I drove out with them and made a day of it.

One of my new fleece with yarn trimmed blanket :) 

I try to serve even our tiniest angels when I donate to hospitals this little sleeping bag is for a 16 weeker.

Canton Potsdam Hospital

Another grouping also went on the 6th. Same story as the first but I will tell it again anyways :) These were stuffed by some local friends in a one night stuff the bags session :) Then transported 5 hours north by another good buddy. Then a relative collected them and brought them to the hospital for us. Now they are there until an angel mom needs one...I hope they last a LONG time.  

Again items from from everywhere and are coupled together to create one memory box :) This one even received a little top which is something I don't normally have many of. 

This was a themed box that I had put together for someone in their angel's name and it was donated in that angels honor to this hospital. Including the gentle words of the donator to the angel mom that receives it.

You can see a few more pictures of the boxes here.

Massena Memorial Hospital

September was a large month for donating here at Kaitlin's Angels. This grouping went north to Massena Memorial Hospital. I had help stuffing these and others by some local friends and then another good friend gave up some car space to transport these north to our hometown. From there they traveled with a family member to their final destination at the hospital. I hope they bring a small amount of peace to the grieving mother's these will find over time.

Items in the boxes are donated from many people and organizations. I appreciate them all :) 

To see more of the insides please visit this page on Facebook.