Blankets & Sweaters

I added a sweater to the first two of the sets you see below.
I also have in the box to go a larger blanket (a little under double) and a hat of the variegated blue (first set's color).

I've been working on sweaters. And I'm sorry the pattern is slowly coming. I have trouble writing up for others to understand, lol. But I also have ready to go the following three sweater/hat sets.
This guy is the smallest with a torso circ around 6 in.

Second in size the torso here is around 7in

My biggest for this batch: 9in torso

This picture shows you largest to smallest.

I'm also working on dresses, which I have gotten close, but I'm just not happy with them yet. And I've made a blanket in the mean time for me to keep :) Plus there are memory boxes just waiting for their pictures to be taken before I can sent them off too.
So I've been busy just haven't posted in awhile.