22 kits - Burdett Care Center (Troy, NY)

Today we sent out 22 kits to Troy NY :) They are off to the welcome hands of the staff at Burdett Care Center. 

Thank you very much Danita for spending a few hours helping me package them all up! 

Here's the breakdown

4 - 15-18 week kits
4 - 18 - 23 week kits
2 - 20-24 week kits
2 - 24 - 28 week kits
3- 30-32 week kits
4 - 30-36 week kits
3 - 36+ week kits

I didn't remember to take many photos in the name of trying to get it done, but here's what I have :) 

Here's what was sent in each kit :) 

Here's a pretty little ducky set! 

And a cute little froggie set :) 

Here they all are packaged and ready for shipping. 


23 Kits - St. Mary's - Amsterdam, NY

It's been a bit since I sent out a box, but with the March of Dimes walk done I'm on to supplying hospitals again :) 

This donation has almost a photo taken of each kit...since some wonderful people out there sponsored each and every one! 

Each kit came stuffed with the following goodies:
Blanket, Outfit, Hat, Memorial Booklet, Pamphlet, Journal, Pen, Plushie, Bracelet, Soap or Tart, Tissues, Cert of Life and other poem cards. Bag to contain it all is not in the photo.

I also tried out a new way of packaging these kits and I LOVE it!
Each are neatly placed within a ziploc bag...with the blanket, outfit and hat on top so nurses can SEE what is in them. There is even a nice fabric bag in each of these for the parents to put the goodies in so they are not just using the ziploc. Then I wrote on the notes section on the bag the gestation sizes. I think this is my favorite method of packaging yet! I hope the hospitals do too.

Now on the individual kits! 

These were graciously sponsored in memory of Skye

Here are some beauties in memory of Janessa Cox

There is also one in memory of Brigit due to a hat kit being sold that her mommy sent me hats for :) 

Here they all are, packaged and ready to be boxed up!
Shipping these guys out is done in honor of a special set of quadruplets George, Paul, Eleanor, and Richard.