24 Boxes Being Dropped Off to WIlson

Emilie at 3 years old pitched in packing boxes this go round :) It was nice! She understood to put one card in each box or one pamphlet etc :) I think I will hire her for future rounds as well :)

All the boxes this round except 3 have outfits for the babes along with their usual hat and blanket :) Not as many people out there made the little dresses, shirts, etc so it was wonderful to finally collect enough :) 

Itty Bitty Moses Baskets :)

Moses baskets for 20 weeks and under losses.

I've talked to many angel moms over the years. Some I've come to learn had trouble in those precious moments bringing themselves to hold on to their little ones. I know how fragile they can look and be. My 29 weeker looked like a monster compared to the 24 weekers that surrounded her. I can't picture a baby smaller than that....but I know they exist. I wanted to help. "See a need, fill a need" :)

So one day while looking in the stores I saw these rectangle baskets and thought why not? So I brought some home.

I then added a small cushion to the bottom, covered the cushion in a "sheet" (washcloth) and then put in all the goodies like usual. Except I had the wonderful pleasure to also include matching heart pillows made by a special donater :) So now if mommy or daddy wishes to gaze on their baby but is reluctant to hold them...here is their way of doing it.

The fillings all came with the usual and more :) With the basket I didn't have a space issue so I could put all the goodies normally sent in a bog box along :)


25 boxes to Alice Hyde

Sent off 25 bags filled from 18 weeks to full term for Malone, NY