30 Miscarriage Kits to Greater Binghamton Obstetrics & Gynecology

I started with making the teeny tiny hats. 10 for 4-8 weeks, 10 for 9-11 weeks and 10 for 12-15. Each placed in their own tiny bag. 

Then the kits came to life. I added the certificates of life, the angels and the bands. Finishing each off with a business card. 


25 Boxes/Bags to Massena Memorial Hospital

25 boxes of various sizes went with up north when we went to visit family around Easter. I went with a combination of boxes and bags this time to save on car space. Some small tins were included that were for 18 week losses.

Such tiny little blankets for such tiny tins also got tiny bears. :)
Here is what would fit in some smaller bags. Perfect for around 20-24 weeks :)
A girly version of what went in a bag.

Some special boxes even ended up with little outfits.

Blankets get bigger and so the room in the box gets smaller :)

And some are far too large for boxes so they are put in bags.

Including a few from Dr. Suess :) 

All were donated to Massena Memorial Hospital by a relative of my husbands since we had a limited stay to start with. So I am grateful to Sue and Sherry for being willing to take care of these for me :) I heard that Massena was very grateful for the donations.