Donation from Perfect Joy Ministries

Perfect Joy Ministries is another local NY program! I love working with other programs :) 

She volunteered to send over enough tissues to send one in each of the Stony Brook kits along with their signature puzzle pieces :)

How awesome was that! 

Thank you much Holly! 

Her program sends out Free Joy Bundles if your interested in receiving one please visit her website :) 

Donation from Machelle!

I appreciate ALL my donators, but this donation honestly is among the most amazing. Partly because the second I open the box I'm overwhelmed with smelly goodness that can only be made by mailing a box....no a HUGE box of little bear soaps :) 

When I say huge I mean huge... it's 300 little bear soaps. Yes 300! THANK YOU Machelle for helping me help create smell memories for people going through losses :) 


Donations from Kelly!

As always Kelly's boxes always come filled to the brim with love and color :) Thank you Kelly for working hard and keeping your fingers busy! I appreciate it more than you know! 

It's hard to see in the bottom photo but it contains a ziploc bag FULL of Kaitlin's Angel :) I love them! 

Donation from Merry!

I got some adorable blankets from Merry! 

What makes them different than other blankets? They each have this tiny little angel attached to them. So cute! 


Donations from Janette!

These were and MUCH needed :) Thank you so much Janette for hearing my yell for help and stepping up and sending these in :) They are already matched with a hat and blanket for the Stony Brook donation :) 

Donation from Angel Bankets

Rebecca from Angel Blankets (another NY program) graciously offered to help me cover the blanket for the Stony Brook donation :) She sent me a huge box full of blankets! 

THANK YOU so much!! 

Please check our her program!! 

You can request a blanket to be made in memory if your own sweet little one :)

The next few photos are her blankets paired with items ready to donate to Stony Brook :) 


Donations from Kathy!

I have received a few boxes from this lovely lady so far :) I'm anticipating more will come in the future :) It's always a mix! Hats, Blankets, blocks...all very much appreciated and needed :) 

Thank you Kathy for all the work you've put in for my program :)