Changing it up!

Kaitlin's Angels has evolved as the years have went on. Things come and go, etc. This shut down will bring on some new changes :) Some you might like other's you might not... but I need to revamp the program so I can better maintain it.

One of the changes is my hope to launch a new tutorial each month with patterns, ideas, things to include in memory boxes or bags. My reason for doing this is two fold. One is that I get asked alot about what Kaitlin's Angels needs... the items in the tutorials will all be items those interested could make and donate to the program... but my bigger reason is that I want to spark other's to help :) It takes only ONE memory box to touch the life of ONE angel mother. So you don't NEED a program like mine to make a difference :) So even taking one tutorial and making some items and donating them to your local hospital can make a big difference :)

Here is our first tutorial. For now Tutorials will be listed on the side of the blog, that will probably change to a page layout at some point :)

In the spirit of October 15th coming and I will be shut down... I've created a tiny luminary tutorial that can help you make your own special luminary to donate or to keep for you little angel :)

Tiny Luminary Bags

Have fun with them :)