Another box from Debbie!

Debbie has picked my program to share her love with and I appreciate every stitch she does! Thank you Debbie!!


Donations from Terry!

I opened up a box from Terry to find a bunch of adorable hats :) Along with a beautiful coordinating set :) Thank you!!! 

Donations from Cynthis!

I opened not one but two packages from this lovely lady :) What love must have went into these stitches. Thank you so much!! 

Donations from Danita :)

More blankets :) I now have a "Danita" drawer to collect the blanket she makes so then I can photo graph a pile at a time :) 


Donations from Kelly!

Kelly keeps me stocked in all kinds of pretties! Thank you Kelly for yet another box of wonderfulness!

LOVE the tiny booties :)

Donations from Sharon!

These are the fuzziest hats :) So soft too! Thank you so much Sharon for sending them my way!!


2015 Walk to Remember

We had a week and half to pull this together... and we did...and it was great! I'm sorry the word did't get out better about this year's walk... hoping to have more next year :) Here's some great photos from today! 

This year we had a banner that we added felt butterflies to with our babies names :) 

 I had my stand of goodies as always :) Along with an example box of what I donate in my kits.

I also went with some baby models :) 

Tags for our lovely tree :) 

Meet Mandy :) This wonderful gal volunteered to help me with the walk :) She came with all kinds of yummy things to eat and shared with all of us the story of her little one named Juniper. 
See what her wonderful organization is all about here: Sweet Juniper

She read this beautiful poem to start our walk :) 

We asked some of our rainbow kiddos to carry our banner :) 

When we came back from walking around the lake we hung our tags on the special tree dedicated to those who have lost a baby.

We read the book called The Invisible String

After reading it was GOODIES time, which the kiddos were all ready for :) Another angel mom brought some cookies as well so there was enough sweets to go around a few times :) I don't think anyone complained, especially not these three!

Then we did my favorite part... we just chatted :)

Thank to everyone that came! Some special thanks for those who helped without anyone knowing much about it: 

Emilie for punching out the hearts and helping me assemble the tags.
Jason for always supporting me even while he grumbles about the extra work it costs him to do :) And for taking these AWESOME photos! 
Tom for watching out things while I could enjoy the walk with everyone and helping to set up and clean up :)
Renee for watching Nathan so we didn't have a little toddler to chase after :) 
Danita for helping me make the banner and being a constant source of support.
The weather for it being a beautiful not to wet of a day! 

Hope to see you all again next year! 



Donation to Stony Brook - 144 kits

Stony Brook ... it is done :) 

This is always a huge donation for me. It's alot of time and energy every year, but I will send as long as they are willing to receive :) 

I did the kits a little differently... I am now packaging them in clear bags, so the nurses can see the outfits for color choices, etc. Each kit came with:
 Hat (or two in some cases), outfit, bear/plushie, art card, kleenex, vinyl decals, info card, brochure, puzzle piece, poem cards, bracelet, soap (for scent), bag, and blanket.

Many items were donated from individuals and organizations to make this happen! So much love went into these wonderful kits. 

Then lets now forget about the 83 kits that were sponsored by others sent off in memory of their own little one. 

All got neatly (or sort of neatly in some cases) into a clear plastic bag and sealed. 


Here's the break down:

11 - 15-18 weeks bunting kits

 4 - 15-18 weeks Sage's Swaddle kits

15 - 15-18 week Lay Me Down Wrap kits

Here are some photos up close of these:

29 - 18-23 week Lay Me Down Wrap kits

Want to see some of these out of their packaging? 
 Note. I removed the diapers from this size since they hospital told me they had a supply of diapers from another organization.

27 - 20-24 week kits

Some examples:

18 - 24-30 week Lay Me Down Wrap Kits

 Lets see some up close!

20 - 28-32 week kits

10 - 30-36 week Onsie kits
Aren't they cute:

10 -  36+ week kits
Note they all passed the kitten inspection for quality control :)

Kits are packed up waiting to be shipped off. This will be a two box mailing. 
 Each weighs probably over 40lbs. 

144 kits DONE! This is always a big one, but we manage to pull it off each and every year! I can't do it with out all of you!! So those who have sent in ANYTHING please pat yourself on the back for me ! Love to you all!