Donation to Stony Brook - 144 kits

Stony Brook ... it is done :) 

This is always a huge donation for me. It's alot of time and energy every year, but I will send as long as they are willing to receive :) 

I did the kits a little differently... I am now packaging them in clear bags, so the nurses can see the outfits for color choices, etc. Each kit came with:
 Hat (or two in some cases), outfit, bear/plushie, art card, kleenex, vinyl decals, info card, brochure, puzzle piece, poem cards, bracelet, soap (for scent), bag, and blanket.

Many items were donated from individuals and organizations to make this happen! So much love went into these wonderful kits. 

Then lets now forget about the 83 kits that were sponsored by others sent off in memory of their own little one. 

All got neatly (or sort of neatly in some cases) into a clear plastic bag and sealed. 


Here's the break down:

11 - 15-18 weeks bunting kits

 4 - 15-18 weeks Sage's Swaddle kits

15 - 15-18 week Lay Me Down Wrap kits

Here are some photos up close of these:

29 - 18-23 week Lay Me Down Wrap kits

Want to see some of these out of their packaging? 
 Note. I removed the diapers from this size since they hospital told me they had a supply of diapers from another organization.

27 - 20-24 week kits

Some examples:

18 - 24-30 week Lay Me Down Wrap Kits

 Lets see some up close!

20 - 28-32 week kits

10 - 30-36 week Onsie kits
Aren't they cute:

10 -  36+ week kits
Note they all passed the kitten inspection for quality control :)

Kits are packed up waiting to be shipped off. This will be a two box mailing. 
 Each weighs probably over 40lbs. 

144 kits DONE! This is always a big one, but we manage to pull it off each and every year! I can't do it with out all of you!! So those who have sent in ANYTHING please pat yourself on the back for me ! Love to you all!


carrielyshous said...

Wow, that is a whole lot of love and work to get this many packages ready! Good for you and all of your helpers.

Michele said...

These kits are incredible and so greatly appreciated. As an L&D nurse at Stony Brook I have cared for many patients excperiencing fetal loss and have witnessed first hand the importance of the care packets in helping to preserve the memories of their child. Your generosity does not go unnoticed and the impact you make is very real.

Kim Martinez said...

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! Our moms, and staff, really appreciate all that you do❤️