Gestational Size Chart

New ~ Extra Small Lay Me Down Wrap

For those following this blog closely... I did roll out with an extra small already, your not seeing double ;) 

I shared the pattern with some lovely people who like the wrap and got some feedback that has sent me revising my initial idea. Thank you so much Helen from Sew Prem (an Australian based group). Her slight modifications have made a great improvement on this design! 

This wrap fits about 14 weeks through 18 weeks in gestation. Works just like the larger versions where they don't have arm holes to stick the arms through, etc. It's all done with baby laying down. 

See the pattern here along with the pattern for the larger wraps: 


Hat Kits to Stony Brooke

Stony Brooke is a large hospital in NYC. They have about 10 losses a month. Which is a undertaking for me since most of the hospitals I have maybe have 20 losses a year! But we are going to do it! The first part of this donation is 60 hat kits. The second half will be whole kits. But here are that HATS!

34+ weeks

30-34 weeks

28-30 weeks

26-28 weeks

24-26 weeks

22-24 weeks

20-22 weeks

16-20 weeks
I went light on the earlier gestations because I plan on going heavy on those for the kits... so they will have more whole kits for those ;) 

Here's what was IN each kit:

A ornament made by Noah's Memory Box Program
Art Card from Beyond Word Designs
Gestational sized bracelet from Beadiful by Jennifer Sanchez
journal, poem card, certificate of life, bracelet and hat :)


5 minute Tiny Angel Hat (15- 18 weeks)

So I tend to at times need many hats quick. So here is what I tend to do for small gestations to go with the items I donate. Because of the use of the double crochet it allows for lots of stretch. Hat will be cuffed for smaller gestations and used a beanie for 18 weeks. For a PDF version of this pattern please click here.

5 minute
Tiny Angel Hat
for 15-18 weeks gestation

4ply yarn (caron simply soft is the best)
H hook
Yarn needle


ch 2, 6 single crochets in first chain, join to start with a slip stitch

ch 1, sc in same stitch, 2 sc in each stitch around, join with slip stitch

ch 2, dc in same stitch and in each stitch around, join with slip stitch

ch 2, dc in same stitch and in each stitch around, join with slip stitch

ch 2, dc in same stitch and in each stitch around, join with slip stitch

ch 2, dc in same stitch and in each stitch around, join with slip stitch, end

When you weave in ends be sure especially around the cuff they are secure but don't hinder the stretch too much. Do not add ribbon going around, if you wish to add a bow or tie at top of hat.

Picture shows hats on an 18 week doll and a 16 week doll.

Please use this pattern for donation or personal use only. Not for sale.


Current Count :)

I wanted to see how much we've sent out this year so far. I don't think this is 100% accurate (I think it is supposed to be higher, but I lost some records about some of the bagged donations). 

So what we've done in the last 3 months:

So far we've serviced 8 different hospitals and 2 different programs

Sent out: 6 Lay Me Down Wraps as "samples"

Sent out: 13 Teeny Tunics

Sent out: 76 diaper sets

Sent out: 177 buntings

If this has just happened in the last THREE months and we haven't even gotten to the large NYC donation yet... what will the rest of the year bring!!

I will need help with the following
(as I'm already running low)

Lay Me Down Wraps
(heavier on the smaller size)

No Sew Hats OR Small MATCHING Hat sets
Small Tye Beanie Baby (or like items)

Any and all other trinkets you might have liked to receive. 

Off to Kingston, NY they go - Buntings and Diapers

Sending out 5 of everything to Kingston to Health Alliance of Hudson Valley :) 

5 Large Diapers
5 Small Diapers

Along with 5 large buntings and 5 small


Newburgh,NY -- Buntings and Diapers

A decent sized box is headed out to Newburgh NY to St Luke's Cornwall Hospital. They are receiving, 15 large sets of diapers and 15 small along with 15 large buntings and 15 small. I also included an Lay Me Down Wrap, Large Tunic and Small Tunic for them to sample and see if they like it :)

This donation was largely helped by Cici who rungs Jordan's Angel Closet.
Thank you for sending some hats to fill in some holes I had in this and a few other donations :) 

Suffern, NY -- Buntings and Diapers

These 5 sets each of large and small diapers are heading out to Suffern NY to the Good Samaritan Hospital :)

Along with diapers they will also be receiving these buntings and hats :)

And something unique happened with this donation :) I alway send out a sample of some other "outfits" that can be made. So they can see them in person and perhaps even try them out. So check out how this one turned out!

There is an opening along the right edge... but can you find it?  The fabric almost perfectly lines up! So was NOT planned... I thought it was cool anyway ;)