Miscarriage Kits

Miscarriage Kits donated to my OB's office. 

20 Bags off to Rome NY

20 bags packaged with all kinds of goodies shipped off to Rome, NY today. Kits range from 16 weeks to full term. They record 6-9 losses a year so I'm hoping these bags will last them awhile :) 


Journals to Rochester

50+ journals, packaged and ready to mail to Rochester, NY :) 
Kaitlin's Angels would like to thank those who sponsored them by purchasing a label to be placed inside of the journal. Each purchase of $1 gave us 67 cents after paypal fees. This helped pay for half of the journal cost and the label for the sweet baby represented within :) 
If you would like to see the labels and names please visit my FB album here with them all individually pictured :)
This box is also being shipped with brochures, poem books, tarts, and footprint cards :)



I campaigned for KA and now have had a number of hospitals get back to me :) So there are lots of things we will be needing and doing :) 

Here is one that I hope we can complete in just a few weeks, but we will see :) 

A Rochester General Hospital specifically asked me for journals for the boxes they already have. So I thought why not let them come from other little angels :) 

I will have some tags made up that will say donated in memory of_______ and for just $1 it will have YOUR baby's name on it :) 

You can donate as much as you want, each $1 will name a journal for you :) 

They are in need of 50.

Click Here to Donate for Journals
or you can directly gift through Paypal:

 Picture of the label for the journals




We are collecting hats :) See above :)

Here are some we've already received!