Larger Baby Set

This set is for closer to a full term little one, perhaps a *little* bit smaller, but not much. The booties would be the only problem item...but they are kind of stretchy. The blanket is the first blanket I ever made, and I was going to keep it, but now I have so many ideas for OTHER blankets in my head, that really there isn't a point. I will I am sure make larger blankets for my future little ones, so this one should go to another mommy.

Another Batch of Hats :)

This is another set of hats that are ready to go. I've been using up little balls of scrap yarn. YOu would be surprised how little of a ball makes some of these hats :) The middle one was made with yarn I got from a fellow knitting buddy :) Thanks Stephanie :)


3 hour set :)

This took about 3 hours to do :) Maybe a little longer, but really just an afternoon. The blanket was about a movie's length. I was watching "Raising Helen" while making it. This doll is slightly bigger than Molly. Her name is going to be Sabrina :) Don't know why. She's bigger than a 24 weeker but smaller than a 30 so lets call her a 27. I made this with one skein of Baby Cloud yarn by Red Heart, it used a whole skein. If you would like the patter see below.

Pattern for the blanket:
crochet hook: 10.mm
chain 30
sc in second chain from hook and sc across row, ch 1 turn, repeat for 5 rows.
~chain 2 more , dc across row, ch 1 turn
sc across row, ch 1 turn, repeat for 5 rows
repeat from ~ 4 times
work in ends

Pattern for hat:
blue preemie hat loom
loom hook
hat is simple e-wrap for 18 - 20 rows depending on
the amount of yarn you have left.
(I didn’t make any brim for this hat, just all e-wrap)
Finish as you would any hat at the top and work in ends.


Oh I almost don't want to donate this one!! It's for a 24 week baby though, so I have to because it would only be good for dolls here...and it should go to a baby...because it's SO stinking beautiful! I used the bonnet from below and the booties that I made to match and then made a blanket...the blanket is a simply two rows of HDC then a row of SC then 2 rows of HDC, etc etc...then I put on it a light pink fringe and added rose colored ribbon...all I can say is GORGEOUS!

Another Dress Set

This set is only a dress and a hat. I'm thinking that all my future sets will be either hat + dress/sweater OR hat + booties and blanket. This one is my favorite dress to date. I added a button to the back along with the ribbon to tie it closed, so it will be nice and easy to put on. It's pink baby yarn so it's also nice and soft. I just think it's absolutely adorable :)

Onsie Set

Here is a onsie that I bought at Walmart for only $1! So i thought I would make a matching hat for it :)

I might add a blanket at some point to it...which will mean more pictures :)

Hats, Hats, Hats!

Here is another batch of hats that I have done :)


Another Whole Set :)

Here is a set for a little girl :) This one doesn't have a blanket, just a dress, hat and a set of booties. It's for a baby about 1lb larger than Kaitlin's size which is about Joshalynn size.