3 hour set :)

This took about 3 hours to do :) Maybe a little longer, but really just an afternoon. The blanket was about a movie's length. I was watching "Raising Helen" while making it. This doll is slightly bigger than Molly. Her name is going to be Sabrina :) Don't know why. She's bigger than a 24 weeker but smaller than a 30 so lets call her a 27. I made this with one skein of Baby Cloud yarn by Red Heart, it used a whole skein. If you would like the patter see below.

Pattern for the blanket:
crochet hook: 10.mm
chain 30
sc in second chain from hook and sc across row, ch 1 turn, repeat for 5 rows.
~chain 2 more , dc across row, ch 1 turn
sc across row, ch 1 turn, repeat for 5 rows
repeat from ~ 4 times
work in ends

Pattern for hat:
blue preemie hat loom
loom hook
hat is simple e-wrap for 18 - 20 rows depending on
the amount of yarn you have left.
(I didn’t make any brim for this hat, just all e-wrap)
Finish as you would any hat at the top and work in ends.

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