Syracuse - 40 kits

This has been a long time in the making. I started before Christmas and just finally finished everything up around middle of January. Phew! I was out of mostly everything that was under 20 weeks so I made alot of this myself.They requested 40 kits for babies lost under 20 weeks. Here is the breakdown of what I sent: 

5 = 18-23 weeks kits
15 = 15-18 week kits (wraps)
20 = 15-18 week kits (buntings)

All went in handmade drawstring bags. 

At there request I also sent 20 miscarriage kits that some wonderful other people donated items for :) We'll start the photos there... 

 Miscarriage kits also ship in handmade bags

Now on the extra prettiness! 
Here are the completed with hats 15-18 week wraps.

This is missing a few buntings, but the only photo I took apparently :) These all have keepsake diapers with. Diapers made in the same fabric as the bunting. 

All my pretty bags with my new LABELS ! 

Here is what a whole kit came with:
outfit, diaper set,hat, bracelet, pen, journal, wax dipped bear, fleece pillow and a certificate of life along with some other paper thing.
They did lack some of the other trinkets i normally send but I think they are still full of love. 

Here's just some more photos of some pairings made, etc. 

Here they are all done! 

In the box and off they go


In memory of Amzie - Donation In

Kaitlin's Angels has been very fortunate recently with some amazing donations. The first of a few I want to share is from a little angel's MeMe. She contacted me asking if I could use some preemie girls clothes and shared that her granddaughter had passed at birth and how she wanted to share the clothes she purchased with others so that they might have something special to dress their little angel in. What she sent was amazingness! Some of the clothes came from other members of the family who also had preemies so we even received some boy outfits :)

I will let the photos speak for themselves....