Donation: Diapers to Hudson

10 small Teeny Tear diaper sets, 2 large and the one Lay Me Down Wrap kit along with a small bunting from Angel Outfitters all got sent out to Hudson, NY :)

Donation: Bulbs and Hats!

Each year for Christmas I try to donate to the local NICU to help cheer those who have to visit their baby there instead of having them home. This year with the help of some wonderful donaters I sent in 32 hats, 10 headbands and 24 ornaments. (The NICU has a max of 24 beds).


Donation: Diapers to Rochester

32 sets of diapers went out to Unity Hospital in Rochester. I also sent them a sample of the new wrap in hopes to get back some comments/suggestions :)

This donation was special in another way :) Through Miscarriage Blankets and More there is a "new" special program. Every time someone buys a blanket or something needing material an item of like fabric/colors will be donated to a hospital in their special angel's name. This round just happened to be diapers :) Please see the Facebook page for these special photos :)