25 Boxes to Alice Hyde Hospital

These made the long 5 1/2 hour journey to our home town of Malone NY :) This hospital was partly choose for the reason it was my home town hospital, but it also is due to the fact that a friend of mine lost her twins there. So in their memory they were donated to future angel moms.

The break down is this:
Full Term = 7
32 - 36 = 3
26-30 = 4
24 - 26 = 1
20 - 24 = 2
18 - 20 = 7
16 - 18 = 1

Two of the boxes even contained items for twins :)

The appreciated it so much we even made the paper.

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25 Boxes to Wilson Hospital

Twenty Five Boxes was the first official donation of Kaitlin's Angels to a local hospital. They went to UHS Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City NY. This is my local hospital. Where I spent over a month with Kaitlin trying to keep her in me and where Emilie made her debut to the world. Boxes range from 24 weeks to full term.

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