Flannel Diapers -- Patterns for almost all sizes!

I've made a pattern that I like to use with my ribbon closing technique :) I enlarged it and decreased it to fit many gestations. You do not need to let me know if you use my pattern but I LOVE hearing from you! Seeing what you create and where your sending them so please think about leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail (kaitlinsangels@gmail.com)

Keepsake Diaper

Here's the directions

Flannel Diapers

Diaper Pattern
Sewing Machine

Download the patterns: 
Large Diaper (29-32 weeks)

How To:
  1. Print and cut out pattern from paper. There are 5 different patterns (keepsake, extra small, small, medium, or large)
  2. Lay out your flannel and trace on the diaper pattern. (You can layer your fabric and cut two out at a time). Cut out diaper. You will need two for this project.
  3. Lay diaper cuts with right sides facing each other.
  4. Stitch around the edge (about ¼ inch) leaving a gap along the long edge of the diaper for turning.
  5. Trim around the diaper be careful not to get too close to the stitch. Don't trim gap area (can leave that whole edge alone actually, just trim around the corner.)
  6. Turn the diaper. It will be hard trying to get it through the crotch area on some of the sizes. Just keep working it slowly bit by bit it will eventually give.
  7. Poke out the edges with a pointy tool of some kind (I like a knitting needle, but I have also used crochet hooks, chop sticks, etc be careful not to poke through the fabric with some of these though!)
  8. Top stitch around the outside closing the gap.
  9. Stitch on a 14-16 inch piece of ribbon on the back of the diaper. (about two inches in just about the center
  10. Fold and tie, you've made a diaper!

These can be donated to your local hospital as keepsakes for losses in this gestation. I like to include two in the kits I make so they can put one on the baby and the parents still have one to take home. Add ribbon and turn them into ornaments. The keepsake one is more than likely too small for any baby but they are nice for miscarriage kits and smaller baby kits.

Note: You can opt to finish these with Velcro or pins. I prefer the ribbon method so diaper flaps can be overlapped allowing the diaper to be used for a larger range, and there is no pin to accidentally poke the baby or the person putting it on. I like 1/8 inch ribbon, but sometimes use ¼ on the larger diaper. 

Looking for the original 14-18 week diaper? The pattern is still here! It's called the KEEPSAKE DIAPER :) 


White Plains - Sample Kit

White Plains requested that I send them a sample of things I have to offer. I know they were just interested in trinkets but I figured sending a kit was the easiest thing to do. So thats what I sent :)

Rochester - General Hospital - Trinkets

Rochester General has a wonderful local group that keep them stocked in outfits and blankets so they ask me to send along things like journals, teddy bears and trinkets. With the help of a few other organizations they now should be stocked for awhile. I sent out my box of trinkets today. 

30 mini footprint dangles

30 silicone bracelets

30 Kaitlin's Angel angels

30 ring cards

30 preemie headbands

50 pens

30 Certificate of Life cards and Art Cards

And 30 pamphlets that I didn't take a photo off... all packaged in a box that shipped today :)