You Caring Fundraiser

I've forgotten to list the new fund raiser right here on the blog silly me!

We set a goal to raise $1 for every gram Kaitln's weighed at birth. She was 2lbs 10 oz which translates into 1190 grams. So it's a lofty goal :)

Our deadline to raise the funds will be her birthday February 7th.

Where will that money go?

Kaitlin's Angels this past year has grown in leaps and bounds...so much it's harder to keep up with up. Not only have we managed to keep our local hospital stocked but also contributed to hospitals in Potsdam, Malone, Massena, Ithaca, Rochester and Glens Falls, NY. We've donated almost 200 to date and I think if all goes as planned we will be at or over 200 at the years end. So we've been busy. We can't do it alone however...so we are asking for your help. The money will be put towards items for boxes and boxes or shipping on boxes that are cheaper to ship than to pay the gas to deliver them. I try to deliver as many as I can but it's not always possible.

Thank you to all who have supported this already. We are currently almost at $200 which is wonderful :) I appreciate all my donators whether it be monetary, items or time... with out you all I couldn't do this :) So thank you!

Here's the link to visit You Caring where you can donate today