20 Bags off to Burdett Care Center

Burdett Care Center is located in Troy, NY. They reported having between 8-12 losses a year so we sent out 20 kits ranging in gestations :) I am hoping this will cover them for the year and if not they know who ask for more. 

Bags each contained about the same basics just in different sizes.

Thank you goes out to my loving husband, dear little brother and mommy for helping me stuff the bags (put all the bits and bobs together) :)

They also received a sample Lay me Down Wrap. I thought I had taken a photo of it but I'm missing it so something like this one :)


Bits and Bobs off to Rochester!

Rochester General is a hospital we have a wonderful relationship with :) I've sent up all sorts of goodies... don't you remember last year we did the journal drive? The nurse I talk to from there takes time out and writes a special note in the journal about the special angel just lost before giving it to the grieving families... how wonderful is that? So this time around I'm sending up just some goodies. They have lots of their hats, blankets and outfits so far...so I supplement. 

This round I sent:
20 bracelets
20 penny cards
20 ring cards
some luminaries
some hat cards
some footprint cards
20 footprint dangles
a small Angel Outfitters Bunting

and a Lay Me Down Wrap


Thank you Diane :)

Thank you so much Diane for your little bags of love :) I love getting surprised with them! Always so sweet and so special.


Thank you Mommy!

My mother, brother and nephew came for an visit and while here she helped me finish and create more items for donation! Here are the results! 

Then she even asked to take some things home! And she finished them all in record time! (and now is asking for more, lol :) )

THANK YOU MOM!! It's a tremendous help!!


Giving Artfully :)

I was contacted by this wonderful site Giving Artfully about adding me to their projects list. I am always so touched each time someone asks me if they can help my program. It means the world to me that people out there find my little part special enough to donate to.

From their website: 
Giving Artfully is a web platform with a mission to connect crafters to the crafting needs of community organizations. Whether you like to knit, crochet, sew or scrapbook; our goal is to make the charity crafting process simpler.

You can find the two projects currently open there for Kaitlin's Angels here:


Stretchy Hat Pattern - 15-20 weeks

Medium Weight Yarn 
H crochet hook 
yarn needle 

ch = chain 
sl st = slip stich 
sc = single crochet 
hdc = half double crochet 
dc = double crochet 


Ch 11
Row 1- SC in second ch from hook, HDC in next 1, DC in next 8, CH 3 turn

Row 2- DC in the back loop of each stitch for the next 8 stitches, HDC in back loop, SC, CH 1 turn

Row 3 – SC, HDC in back loop, 8 DC in back loop, CH 3 turn

Row 4 – repeat row 2

Row 5 – repeat row 3

Row 6 - repeat row 2

Row 7 – repeat row 3

Row 8 – repeat row 2

Row 9 – SC, HDC in back loop, 8 DC in back loop, end.

There are many ways to seam the hat closed. I like the whip stitch, but go with what you like. Seam up the edge and then weave yarn around the top (where the single crochet row is). Pull tight and weave in end for a secure fit.

Note: Give your hat a tug test once complete. Make sure no seam comes undone, so tug along the bottom and top. These hats may need to be stretched to be gently placed on a baby's head, and we don't want them falling apart.

To Finish: You do not need to add anything more to this hat design but if you wish a pom pom is always cute (you can get some very small pom pom makers) or glue/sew a premade one to the top. You can also tie a ribbon at the top or add a patch/button to the front.

Hat Pattern is copyrighted to Miscarriage Blankets and More. Pattern is not to be resold. Items made from pattern are for personal or donation purposes only not to be sold. Image represents the smallest head and largest head the hats will fit.

Download the PDF of this pattern here