Wilson NICU Donation

Our local NICU at Wilson Hospital in Johnson city takes babies 28 weeks and over. They have a ability to house 24 babies at once. Each year I've tried to get a special donation of hats to them along with a small gift for the parents during this holiday season. This is what I did this year :) 

30 kits
10 for 28ish weeks
10 for 32ish weeks
10 for 36ish weeks

The hats all stretch so they are fit a range in size. 

Here are some photos from this year :) I dropped them off today to a very grateful staff and we chatted about doing a halloween donation next year :) eek!

This year I went with a flatter not as breakable ornament :) Each is handmade by me (I had a little help from Danita for a few). 

They came with a hat and a matching mini hat. So the parents had something that could "connect" them with their baby in the NICU when they couldn't be there.

 I then packaged each one in a decorative ziploc with a card :)