Love You Forever Bunting

The first time I made this wrap I didn't have a ruler or measuring tape, so I grabbed a square book. I found I'll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. So I used it :) The first wrap was a little small to fit babies 14-18 weeks... the model is of a 16 week baby in size. So I increased the size of the book I used :) And they now work out perfectly.

There is a pdf tutorial with photos along with the directions you can download here: Love You Forever Bunting

NOTE: I say flannel, as long as flannel is on the INSIDE of the wrap have fun with the outside fabric (1 square). I have used a few different things now and they all turn out fine and super cute!  

Here's the how to:

Love You Forever

  • Flannel (1 or two colors)
  • Scissors
  • 1/8 inch ribbon
  • Sharp yarn needle (yarn darner)

How To:

  • Lay out your fabric. I like to use two different colors, so I lay them down together. So it's one cut.
  • Lay down your 10n x 10in* square, or measure it out.  Alot of kids books will work. Trace. You can also measure ;)
  • Cut your squares. You will need three 10in x 10in squares.
  • Lay one square right side up on the table.
  • Take another  square and fold it in half diagonally right side facing out and place it on the  square on the table, matching the bottom corner and sides to the square. It won't be a perfect match. And its alright if it's a little lower than the corners, match the bottom corner.
  • Then place the right side down on top of  it all matching again all the sides up.
  • Pinning it will help keep it from slipping apart as you sew, so pin how you see fit.
  • Start along an edge that is only TWO layers about ¾ down. Sew ¼ seam all around rounding the last corner stop about ¼ down the edge to leave a hole.
  • Turn your piece (you can choose to trim your edges or not, I tend to sew a little less than a ¼ in seam so I don't have to trim.)
  • I press it all flat with my hands (you can choose to iron)
  • Now you can either do a straight stitch or choose one of those other “fun” stitches to go around the outside. Start at a corner where the triangle meet the squares and sew around.

To add the ribbon:
Using the pointy yarn needle (darning needle) and ribbon stick it through the underside of one of the corners where the triangle meets and feed it into the top edge of the triangle and through to the other side and out the back side of the other corner. Note: leave your ribbon on the longer side. It's easier to cut too much down than to add more later ;)

To finish:

Fold over both corners pull ribbon and then tie shut. Wraps fits about a 14 -18 week gestation angel baby.

*The book I tend to use is a little over 9 ½ not a true 10 inches, but still works out fine. :)

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