March of Dimes Walk 2014

This will be our second year at the March of Dimes walk in Binghamton with a stand for pregnancy and infant loss. I think some people stayed away since they came up last year... if your reading this know you can come collect something EVERY YEAR.

Here are some photos of the stand :) Normally I do much better about getting a photo of our walkers, but I was approached by many people in regards to the stand and losses that I loss track of time, and I don't mind it ONE bit! That is why I am there.

I got to meet my second person who I know has received our boxes in hospital. It was bittersweet, just like the first one was. Hearing directly from them how much they items have helped and given them comfort makes it worth ALL the work. I just wish my donaters could hear their testimonials in person like I have had the chance to!

We planned for wind and rain...and the stand held up well! Luckily there wasn't any rain :)

Here's the garden close to empty..

And here it is at the end of the walk. Lots of losses sadly, but I appreciate every single butterfly here because it was someone who took the time to stop by the stand and remember :) Some were family members who were remembering babies other's were mothers and fathers.

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carrielyshous said...

What a sweet thing to do! I love the butterfly garden idea. Like you said, bittersweet, but without programs like yours and walks like this, it would only be bitter.