Closing until further notice

You may have noticed you can no longer purchase a memory box, etc. with the baby on the way and things needing to be caught up on in the shop I need to start trimming my responsibilities. I will be reopening in the new year but with a new focus and some other changes I'm sure.


Jones Hospital 24 Bags

24 bags shipped to Wellsville NY to Jones Hospital. 


March of Dimes walk 2013 Stand

Our first ever stand at the March of Dimes walk. We set brought some items for Angel Parents along with a....

....butterfly garden We asked those who have had losses to add a butterfly to the garden. This is what it looked like at the beginning.

What our garden looked like at the end. I'm hoping each year as we me a presence that more people will get on board and choose to represent their losses here


Auburn NY 21 Bags

21 bags ranging from 16 weeks to full term headed off to the hospital in Auburn NY :)