White Plains - Diapers

5 sets of large and 5 sets of small diapers are heading out to White Plains NY to the White Plains Hospital Center. 

I also added a few bonus items ;) 


Mikayla's Grace -- Buntings and Hats

Not my finest photography, but it's not about the photos afterall, it's about these sweet buntings finding homes in Wisconsin through the organization called Mikayla's Grace

 They requested 15 large matching sets of hats and buntings, along with 15 small sets of matching hats and buntings...and thanks to my mom and her sewing storm we had everything we needed when the request came in :) Yay!

Buntings and hats are a part of the Angel Outfitters group :) You can find patterns and directions on their webpage :)


Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua NY

Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua, NY asked for trinkets to help supplement what they already receive. I created from easy to grab kits from some bits and bobs :) 

They will receive 10 of these kits for the L&D floor. 

then they also asked for miscarriage type items for the ER. So I sent 10 of these as well.

I also having 6 journals sponsored sent these journal kits. 

Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo - 21 kits

A large box went to Women and Children's Hospital in Buffalo, NY.

How large of a box? Well one that could hold all of this: 

That would be 21 kits and 10 miscarriage kits
Each of the larger kits contained: 

a outfit
a hat
a blanket
a penny from heave card w/penny
Certificate of Life
ribbon from Gianna's Light
journal and pen

The smaller kits contained this:
a small teddy bear
a magnet
Two Hats card with hats
tiny diaper with poem card
certificate of life
There were 5 kits sponsored in this donation.
Each were sent in memory of Baby Janessa.


Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo

Project Sweet Peas -- Buntings

I love shopping and recently shopping for fabric... I was giddy with delight when I came across this adorable fabric with pea pods on it and SWEET PEA written on it. I knew I had to do something for Project Sweet Peas! 

Visit their page here: http://www.projectsweetpeas.com/

Here is what I made out of the fabric I could purchase (oh wait did I mention the sweet pea fabric came in THREE colors :) ): 

In the BLUE fabric
8 large buntings
7 small buntings
each came with a set of no sew hats

In the PINK fabric
11 large buntings
14 small buntings
with sets of no sew hats

In the WHITE fabric
8 large buntings
11 small buntings
with sets of no sew hats


3 large tunics and 3 small tunics

Phew... it was work, but well worth it! So much fun putting this all together :)

And in case your wondering...

Large Buntings = 27
Small Buntings = 32

Buntings and Tunics patterns that can be found on Angel Outfitters

Please visit their page here: http://angeloutfitters.blogspot.com/


Love from Kaitlin's Grandma :)

Kaitlin's Grandma has been busy sewing up a bunch more items that mommy sent her. We will be stocked for awhile it looks!


Kaitlin's Angel ... Crochetted Angel

I have made many many versions of this type crochet angel and always thought it would be cool to have something that would symbolize Kaitlin and a really unique way... then I combined them :) Here's a simple crochet angel pattern that has a story with it about Kaitlin! Enjoy! 

H hk
3 or 4 ply yarn
yarn needle
ch - chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
tc – triple crochet

This pattern tells a story about the inspiration behind Kaitlin's Angel... Kaitlin :)

Head –
ch 2
10 sc in 2nd chain from hook, slip stitch to start chain
The head of this pattern shares with you her tiny weight, 2lbs (2 chains) and 10 ounces (10 single crochets)
Wings –
ch 2, in same sc as chain add 2 dc and 1hdc
slip stitch in next 2 sc, ch 2, turn
ch 2, in same sc (under the slip stich into the sc) add 2 dc and 1hdc
slip stitch to other wing
She then grew wings at 10pm at night, it takes 10 “stitches” to complete the wings. You help her fly a little further and share her love with each angel you make. 
Body –
ch 4, 6 tc in SECOND hole (7 stitches)

ch 1, sc across putting one in the chain 4 as well (7 stitches)
Her tiny body stayed alive and with us for 14 ½ days. The ch 4 and 6 tc represent the first week she lived, the second row the second week and the ch 1 the ½. Ending the piece ends her short life on earth.

This item however reminds us of the beauty and special touch that even the smallest babies leave when they fly away. Kaitlin has helped create and mold so many new things In my life. So your left with a beautiful tiny angel for you to hold or give away spreading her love.


One Angel Mother to Another Brochure

Here is a FREE Brochure you are welcome to print off and use in your programs, memory boxes, etc. It was written by me...about my own experience and how to get through those tough moments.

Please do not alter or change this document with out permission from me. Thank you!