Kaitlin's Angel ... Crochetted Angel

I have made many many versions of this type crochet angel and always thought it would be cool to have something that would symbolize Kaitlin and a really unique way... then I combined them :) Here's a simple crochet angel pattern that has a story with it about Kaitlin! Enjoy! 

H hk
3 or 4 ply yarn
yarn needle
ch - chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
tc – triple crochet

This pattern tells a story about the inspiration behind Kaitlin's Angel... Kaitlin :)

Head –
ch 2
10 sc in 2nd chain from hook, slip stitch to start chain
The head of this pattern shares with you her tiny weight, 2lbs (2 chains) and 10 ounces (10 single crochets)
Wings –
ch 2, in same sc as chain add 2 dc and 1hdc
slip stitch in next 2 sc, ch 2, turn
ch 2, in same sc (under the slip stich into the sc) add 2 dc and 1hdc
slip stitch to other wing
She then grew wings at 10pm at night, it takes 10 “stitches” to complete the wings. You help her fly a little further and share her love with each angel you make. 
Body –
ch 4, 6 tc in SECOND hole (7 stitches)

ch 1, sc across putting one in the chain 4 as well (7 stitches)
Her tiny body stayed alive and with us for 14 ½ days. The ch 4 and 6 tc represent the first week she lived, the second row the second week and the ch 1 the ½. Ending the piece ends her short life on earth.

This item however reminds us of the beauty and special touch that even the smallest babies leave when they fly away. Kaitlin has helped create and mold so many new things In my life. So your left with a beautiful tiny angel for you to hold or give away spreading her love.

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Sue said...

What a beautiful story in the making of this angel,I wanted to make something to donate to my local hospital along with the blankets etc.,I think these would be perfect,am going to try the pattern today.Thankyou so much for sharing <3