Kaitlin's Blanket ~ 15 inch crochet blanket

 Here's the first of many 15 inch blanket patterns I will launch a they are tested and approved :)

Yarn used for blanket in photo:
I Love This Yarn Iced Violet and White

Kaitlin's Blanket

PDF Pattern Link

4 ply yarn
H crochet hook
yarn needle

Pattern Abbreviations
ch = chain
sk = skip
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
sl st = slip stitch


Chain 46

Row 1
dc, in 3rd ch from hook, * sk 1 chain, 3 dc in next ch, sk 1 ch, sc* repeat from * until last ch.   1 dc in each of the last two ch, ch1, turn

Row 2
Sc in last dc stitch made, *3 dc in previous rows sc stitch, sc in second dc of 3dc group in previous row* repeat this pattern across row until last sc,   2 dc, ch1, turn

Row 3-28
Repeat row 2

Row 29
(Do not skip any stitches on this row) Sc in first stitch, hdc, dc, hdc, *sc, hdc, dc, hdc* repeat from * across ending row with at the dc. turn.

BORDER (worked in rounds)

Round 1
Sl st on new color, *ch 2, sk 1 stitch, sc * repeat from star around. NOTE; if you find it more evenly spaced skip two stitches instead of one.  Sc in last space and then sl st to first ch 2 group. Ch 2

Round 2
2 dc into ch2 space, skip sc, 3 dc into next ch2 space, repeat across until you reach the corner, Corner: 1 dc in sc on corner. Continue pattern around, sl st in ch 2

Finish blanket by weaving in ends
Alternate ideas for this blanket pattern

My wonderful pattern tester Danita came up with this striped version:

Using the same pattern as above change colors on these rows alternating between a variegated and a solid:

3 rows variegated, 4 solid, 2 variegated, 3 solid, 4 variegated, 3 solid, 2 variegated, 4 solid, 3 variegated. 

Using a smaller hook (g hook) and 3 ply yarn you can also create a 12 inch blanket which is perfect for 15-18 week kits, NOTE: These blankets should be done in UNISEX colors for this size.

Donation from Amy!

Thank you so much Amy for your large box of goodies for Kaitlin's Angels! It was a little bit of everything...outfits, blankets, hats and even angels! Thank you, Thank you!


Donation to Project Sweet Peas :)

Since I've started working the treasurer of Project Sweet Peas from some special items for their own donations I've had fun searching out special pea fabric :) This donation was a surprise.

I had so much fun :) It took me a long to do, but it was fun. 

All of the outfits have matching diapers. I just cut what I had/found of the fabric into one of each size and tried to fit on what else I could. So it's a mixed bag but adorable anyways. Her program also is the first to receive Sage's Swaddles :) 


Sage's Swaddle

I developed this pattern based off a few things I liked about other patterns people have for babies born before 18 weeks. First I like the hood, but nothing too deep as to have the baby disappear, however this pattern also gives you the ability to fold the hood back creating more like a head rest too. Also it turns into a pocket, when you roll up the bottom to fold it over it adds depth to swaddle pulling the fabric off off the baby, this is especially nice for those that have delicate skin. It's easy to unwrap for mom and dad to gaze at their sweetie without having to manipulate the baby. No ribbons to untie and to get in the way either. Simple and effective. I pitched this idea to hospital staff I've been working with and they all seemed eager to use them. So without further adieu I give you Sage's Swaddle:

Quick Links:

Sage's Swaddle


Pattern Pieces cut out and assembled
sewing machine

Inside layer – flannel 16 x 12 minimum size
Outside layer – fleece, sweater knit, minky, or similar fabric 16 x 12 minimum


Lay out your fabric with right sides facing each other.
Trace on the pattern and cut it out from the two layers at the same time.

Pin going around to help stop slipping and stretching while sewing.

Starting at top hood edge sew around entire piece with a straight stitch until you are back to the hood, do not sew across top of hood. I find using a wider stitch makes it easier with the types of fabrics used for the outer layer.

Trim/snip corners and trim sides if needed and turn right side out.

Starting at side of hood again top stitch around until you reach the other side of the hood, do NOT sew across hood opening yet.

Fold out layer sides together (so inner layer is showing) and straight stitch across seam, then go back over seam and zig zag stitch to give it a serged look and to make it more secure. Before sewing you may need to trim your hood seam to make it straight.

Fold hood right side out. Finished :)

Please include instructions for use with the swaddle.

 Sage's Swaddle How to Use