Kaitlin's Blanket ~ 15 inch crochet blanket

 Here's the first of many 15 inch blanket patterns I will launch a they are tested and approved :)

Yarn used for blanket in photo:
I Love This Yarn Iced Violet and White

Kaitlin's Blanket

PDF Pattern Link

4 ply yarn
H crochet hook
yarn needle

Pattern Abbreviations
ch = chain
sk = skip
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
sl st = slip stitch


Chain 46

Row 1
dc, in 3rd ch from hook, * sk 1 chain, 3 dc in next ch, sk 1 ch, sc* repeat from * until last ch.   1 dc in each of the last two ch, ch1, turn

Row 2
Sc in last dc stitch made, *3 dc in previous rows sc stitch, sc in second dc of 3dc group in previous row* repeat this pattern across row until last sc,   2 dc, ch1, turn

Row 3-28
Repeat row 2

Row 29
(Do not skip any stitches on this row) Sc in first stitch, hdc, dc, hdc, *sc, hdc, dc, hdc* repeat from * across ending row with at the dc. turn.

BORDER (worked in rounds)

Round 1
Sl st on new color, *ch 2, sk 1 stitch, sc * repeat from star around. NOTE; if you find it more evenly spaced skip two stitches instead of one.  Sc in last space and then sl st to first ch 2 group. Ch 2

Round 2
2 dc into ch2 space, skip sc, 3 dc into next ch2 space, repeat across until you reach the corner, Corner: 1 dc in sc on corner. Continue pattern around, sl st in ch 2

Finish blanket by weaving in ends
Alternate ideas for this blanket pattern

My wonderful pattern tester Danita came up with this striped version:

Using the same pattern as above change colors on these rows alternating between a variegated and a solid:

3 rows variegated, 4 solid, 2 variegated, 3 solid, 4 variegated, 3 solid, 2 variegated, 4 solid, 3 variegated. 

Using a smaller hook (g hook) and 3 ply yarn you can also create a 12 inch blanket which is perfect for 15-18 week kits, NOTE: These blankets should be done in UNISEX colors for this size.

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