March for Babies 2015

We set up again at the 2015 March for Babies walk :) It started out being a super nice day weather wise and then it got COLD, but we made it :) 

I have a few different things this year :) 

One being I went with my hat making station. People were offered the chance to make a hat in memory of their lost one for me to use in future donations. Not to many did it, but it was the first year so I suspect it will become more popular as time goes on ;) 

The second part was a basket of babies :) Babies that represented three common preemies gestations (24 weeks, 28 weeks and 32 weeks). Weighted and the right length people were welcomed to hold them to get a true feel for what a preemie is OR to remind them of their own little preemie. 

Then we ofcourse had out butterfly garden there :) Which people really took to this year and I LOVED IT! 

I also went with goodies as always. I had bags set up for people to take filled with some small trinkets

Here's what the stand looked like all put together!

Our team this year wore infant loss bandannas :)
Here's my little model :)

Who also is showing off the infant loss stickers we had :)
Here's our team....off for the walk! (This photo is missing another 4 people from our team that was there...whoops). 

And I do promise I was there! See... here's me giving a peanut a squeeze!

And here's the butterfly garden all finished for this year...

Thank you to everyone who came by my stand to just say HI or to talk about a loss. Hope to see you again next year!


Donation from Mary!

Finally almost caught up on blog posts!

This is a special thank you to Mary for donating hats :) Sadly I know there is more she gave but I can't find the photo :\ Sorry Mary!

Donation from Donna!

Thank you so much Donna for the great blankets! Perfect sizes for the littlest babies I send items in for :) Gorgeous work and lovely colors! Thank you Thank you!!

Donation from Diane!

Diane is another long time contributer to Kaitlin's Angels :) I get little bits from her and there when she passes them to Danita for me. I love it! Thank you Diane for your continued help!

I LOVE LOVE this yarn too! I happen to have a few skeins of it myself :)


Donation from Deb!

I don't always get the pleasure of meeting those who help me out. Many items are just mailed to me with names that I know from e-mails or messages. I got the chance to meet Deb :) I do hope she didn't catch whatever bug I had though :)

Thank you so much for the time and love you put into these hats. They are amazingness! I have a special fondness for knit hats...they melt my heart. Thank you Thank you!

DC Center Children

The fabulous children at the local Discovery Center have taken on making some more hats for Kaitlin's Angels. Aren't these no sew hats wonderful! And they were all made by tiny hands for tiny babies :) 


Donations from Kelly!

Kelly has been a long time contributer too to Kaitlin's Angels. Her boxes are always filled with love and such wonderful goodies. She's sent me over the years not only hats, blankets and outfits but also heart pillows and teddy bears :) She's always eager to help and I appreciate every STITCH she does for me! Thank you Thank you my dear!

Donations from Danita!

I'm so behind on updating things here... here's some more of the wonderful donations from my friend Danita :)

There is a chance I missed some goodies she's donated since everytime she visits (which has been weekly :) yay!) She usually does or brings me some new things :)


Happy Birthday David!

In celebrating her angel son's passing Carrie decided to donate 30 boxes to some Syracuse hospitals. I wanted to help so I offered to send up outfits to go along with her blankets and other items that people sent in. Here are the outfits :)


Yarn Bombing and Donation

This year for Kaitlin's Anniversary I decided to do something different... I decided to yarn bomb the tree in my front lawn in PURPLE. So i set to work with the help of some others and we made lots of granny squares! 

A close friend came over and helped stitch each one to the tree :) What we created was BEAUTIFUL... 

It colored the nieghborhood during the dreary time of year. It was awesome... I feed the birds...so I patiently waited for them to return... the first to stop by was a female cardinal :) 

She visited often while most of the other birds stayed away. 

It was a tribute for how long she lived so after two weeks we took it down. And I had plans for the squares... after a washing I turned them into blankets... 

This one I kept  6 of the 9 squares were made by my grandmother :) It's a nice keepsake for two reasons. It's the first yarn bombing in Kaitlin's Memory and its pieces of my grandma (who tried to teach my to crochet forever ago)

This one is now with my neighbor. Her husband died suddenly while the tree was adorned. (Actually the day after Kaitlin's birthday). So I wanted to offer her a piece of it. Bonus is that she loves purple :) 

The last two I gave to my grandmother who is in the nursing home. They might end up in other rooms since it's sort of can happen, but it's alright :) They are meant to keep people warm and I hope they do! 

Looking forward to next year! If you want to help please think about sending me a square or three! Only rule is that it has to have purple in it!