Yarn Bombing and Donation

This year for Kaitlin's Anniversary I decided to do something different... I decided to yarn bomb the tree in my front lawn in PURPLE. So i set to work with the help of some others and we made lots of granny squares! 

A close friend came over and helped stitch each one to the tree :) What we created was BEAUTIFUL... 

It colored the nieghborhood during the dreary time of year. It was awesome... I feed the birds...so I patiently waited for them to return... the first to stop by was a female cardinal :) 

She visited often while most of the other birds stayed away. 

It was a tribute for how long she lived so after two weeks we took it down. And I had plans for the squares... after a washing I turned them into blankets... 

This one I kept  6 of the 9 squares were made by my grandmother :) It's a nice keepsake for two reasons. It's the first yarn bombing in Kaitlin's Memory and its pieces of my grandma (who tried to teach my to crochet forever ago)

This one is now with my neighbor. Her husband died suddenly while the tree was adorned. (Actually the day after Kaitlin's birthday). So I wanted to offer her a piece of it. Bonus is that she loves purple :) 

The last two I gave to my grandmother who is in the nursing home. They might end up in other rooms since it's sort of can happen, but it's alright :) They are meant to keep people warm and I hope they do! 

Looking forward to next year! If you want to help please think about sending me a square or three! Only rule is that it has to have purple in it! 

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