March for Babies 2015

We set up again at the 2015 March for Babies walk :) It started out being a super nice day weather wise and then it got COLD, but we made it :) 

I have a few different things this year :) 

One being I went with my hat making station. People were offered the chance to make a hat in memory of their lost one for me to use in future donations. Not to many did it, but it was the first year so I suspect it will become more popular as time goes on ;) 

The second part was a basket of babies :) Babies that represented three common preemies gestations (24 weeks, 28 weeks and 32 weeks). Weighted and the right length people were welcomed to hold them to get a true feel for what a preemie is OR to remind them of their own little preemie. 

Then we ofcourse had out butterfly garden there :) Which people really took to this year and I LOVED IT! 

I also went with goodies as always. I had bags set up for people to take filled with some small trinkets

Here's what the stand looked like all put together!

Our team this year wore infant loss bandannas :)
Here's my little model :)

Who also is showing off the infant loss stickers we had :)
Here's our team....off for the walk! (This photo is missing another 4 people from our team that was there...whoops). 

And I do promise I was there! See... here's me giving a peanut a squeeze!

And here's the butterfly garden all finished for this year...

Thank you to everyone who came by my stand to just say HI or to talk about a loss. Hope to see you again next year!

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carrielyshous said...

You have some great ideas! I love the butterfly garden and the babies to hold. Maybe next year the hat making will take off.