64 Full Kits to Stony Brook, NY

Stony Brook is a large hospital in NYC. They have about 140 losses a year between the NICU and the L&D floor. They contacted me about making a donation to them since we did one last year. Last year we only send hat kits and a few smaller full kits. This year I divided it about in half and sent out hat kits already and this is the batch of full kits :)

Alright here's the break down...

34+ weeks

3 kits
30-34 weeks

5 kits
26-30 weeks

10 kits
18-23 weeks

15 kits
16-18 weeks

15 kits

14-16 weeks

16 kits

This donation was made possible by some donations that came in through a few different sources... here are some of the sponsored kits as a result :) :

Can you guess how much this weighs all packaged up? 

Answer: 31lbs!

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