14-18 week Tiny Diaper

 Tiny Diaper for
14-18 week Angels

Ribbon (1/8 in)
Sewing Machine

How To:
  1. Print and cut out pattern from paper.
  2. Lay out your flannel and trace on the diaper pattern. (You can layer your fabric and cut two out at a time). Cut out diaper. You will need two for this project.
  3. Lay diaper cuts with right sides facing each other.
  4. Stitch around the edge leaving a gap along the long edge of the diaper.
  5. Trim around the diaper be careful not to get too close to the stitch. Don't trim gap area (can leave that whole edge alone actually, just round the corner.)
  6. Turn the diaper. It will be hard trying to get it through the crotch area. Just keep working it slowly bit by bit it will eventually give.
  7. Poke out the edges with a pointy tool of some kind (I like a knitting needle, but I have also used crochet hooks, kabob sticks, etc)
  8. Top stitch around the outside closing the gap.
  9. Stitch on a 14-16 inch piece of ribbon on the back of the diaper. (about two inches)
  10. Fold and tie, you've made a diaper!

These can be donated to your local hospital as keepsakes for losses in this gestation. They could attempt to put them on the baby's as well but most of the time they are too fragile. I like to include two in the kits I made JUST in case they put one one the baby the parents still have one to take home. Add ribbon and turn them into ornaments. 



Julie Cook Portraits said...

This is awesome! I loveeee that you're doing this. We lost our baby girl at 15 weeks and it was definitely the hardest thing in our lives. We never got closure... The pics, her heartbeat recorded, nothing. I miss her every single day. I'd love to have this in remembrance of my sweet Cassie! Every mother would treasure this. Thank you for doing this for Mommas that have lost their babies.

Julie Cook Portraits said...

This makes my heart happy.