Release from Grief: Introduction


Welcome to my blog series called a Release From Grief. Let me start with that I'm NOT an English major or a perfect writer. I'm SURE you will find mistakes. Try to read the words and meaning of them and understand this isn't meant to be a famous novel. It's merely my sharing how I've found a release from my own grief. This method I know can be used beyond infant loss. I've found ways to incorporate it throughout all my lives struggles. This bit I wrote specifically with infant loss in mind.

I've had two losses myself. I'm not an expert in anything, but can share with you my experience in coping and dealing with them both. Kaitlin is our first child. I had a long difficult pregnancy with her. I was sent for emergency surgery at 20 weeks for a cerlclage (stitch around your cervix). I was also put on complete bedrest. I spent a over month in the hospital. At 29 weeks she was born 2 lbs 10oz. Her health however quickly deteriorated. She had surgery day of birth, fought infections, and ended up at a point of no hope. We choose to take her life support away and hold her. She lived for an hour on her own. Kaitlin changed our lives and made us parents. We did go on to have another child, another loss and another child. Sage is our second angel. A blighted ovum which is where the amniotic sac develops and the placenta do but the baby does not. It's my belief that a baby did form but stopped before we could see it. As the fertilized egg separated into baby and placenta/sac, the baby part stopped moving forward due to chromosome abnormalities. Just like when a baby's heart stop beating at 8 weeks gestation. My losses don't make me an expert, but they do make me experienced.

I truly hope that atleast ONE person can be helped with my words and that is my goal in writing this. I'm always here to talk at just an e-mail away.

The first part of the blog will be released starting on Sage's 2nd Anniversary on July 18th,2014. It will come out a section at time for the next few weeks every Friday.

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