Hat Kits to Stony Brooke

Stony Brooke is a large hospital in NYC. They have about 10 losses a month. Which is a undertaking for me since most of the hospitals I have maybe have 20 losses a year! But we are going to do it! The first part of this donation is 60 hat kits. The second half will be whole kits. But here are that HATS!

34+ weeks

30-34 weeks

28-30 weeks

26-28 weeks

24-26 weeks

22-24 weeks

20-22 weeks

16-20 weeks
I went light on the earlier gestations because I plan on going heavy on those for the kits... so they will have more whole kits for those ;) 

Here's what was IN each kit:

A ornament made by Noah's Memory Box Program
Art Card from Beyond Word Designs
Gestational sized bracelet from Beadiful by Jennifer Sanchez
journal, poem card, certificate of life, bracelet and hat :)

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