Current Count :)

I wanted to see how much we've sent out this year so far. I don't think this is 100% accurate (I think it is supposed to be higher, but I lost some records about some of the bagged donations). 

So what we've done in the last 3 months:

So far we've serviced 8 different hospitals and 2 different programs

Sent out: 6 Lay Me Down Wraps as "samples"

Sent out: 13 Teeny Tunics

Sent out: 76 diaper sets

Sent out: 177 buntings

If this has just happened in the last THREE months and we haven't even gotten to the large NYC donation yet... what will the rest of the year bring!!

I will need help with the following
(as I'm already running low)

Lay Me Down Wraps
(heavier on the smaller size)

No Sew Hats OR Small MATCHING Hat sets
Small Tye Beanie Baby (or like items)

Any and all other trinkets you might have liked to receive. 

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