30 kits -- Niagra

30 kits you see there. In the new homemade draw string bags :) 
5 -- 15-18 week bunting kits (love me forever bunting)
5 -- 15-18 week outfit kits (lay me down wrap)
5 -- 18-23 week kits
4 -- 22-24 week kits
3 -- 24-30 week kits
3 -- 28-32 week kits
3 -- 30-36 week kits
2 -- 36+ week kits

This box was made possible by some wonderful monetary donations!

Thank you so much:
Liam, Riley, Ben and Archer Jackson
Logan's Love Bags
Zonalynn Conners
Gary and Sindy Dineen
Tracy Adams
Bethaney Cotten
Gabrielle Wayman

Your generosity has helped 30 kits to find their way to Niagara Falls :)

And as always here are some examples of what went in these kits:

I had alot of crochet outfits I made or others, which worked out to really provide a variety.

Love You Forever Bunting

Extra Small Lay me Down Wrap

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