10 Kits - St. Anthonys in Warwick NY

Finally sent out this little box of goodies to Warwick NY today. I feel like I've had this one sitting far too long, but I was sick most of last week so it slipped my mind in a major way. I used what I had for journal dedications for this box :) So be looking for your tag! 

They are a small hospital so they requested just a few kits. I sent them 1 in each gestation range I make along with 3 in each range that I know has a higher chance of happening. 

Here are the pretties! 

Above is the goodies that came in EACH kit. They were shipped with kleenex, bracelet, pamplets, stuffed heart, plushie, butterfly, journal, pen, new booklet, star card, cert of life, outfit, diaper (when applicable), scented item, hat, and blanket. 

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