Donations IN ~ Donations OUT

Received a fair amount of items in the past few weeks and I've heard more is coming :) Which is excellent! Here are the latest so far :) 
From Teresa B.

From Diane B

From Kelly M.

From Angel Threads

Always looking for blankets it seems as of recent so from small (washcloth sized) to full term (receiving blankets). Then other bits are always nice additions, like booties and outfits. Journals we have a decent amount of...so more of the bits and bobs really...anything can be added :) 

Items OUT from Kaitlin's Angels and Miscarriage Blankets and More
With October here many places are holding walks, etc so I've been sending where and when I could to them :) Not to mention I need to prepare for our local one where I will be guest speaker :) 

Here is a new design I made up to head out to a few of said groups :) 
New style of feet dangle :) 
I have some headed to Becca from  United Through Pregnancy and Infant Loss to put in their love packages.

This grouping is headed to Dola from Project Bear. I've put together 25 of the above for her to hand out or sell to raise money :) 

Phew! I also sent hats to Summer for her collection in honor of Sophee and I know I sent to another walk cards and gift certificates...so we've been busy busy this month :) 

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