Jordan's Blanket - 15in crochet blanket

This blanket pattern is written to give you the least amount of ends to work in at the end of the blanket. You can just do it in solid colors or color change your own way. I hate working in ends so when I can just slip stitch or chain them up from the previous row :)

Yarn used for blanket in photo:
I Love This Yarn Lemon Ice and White

Jordan's Blanket

4ply yarn
H hook
Yarn needle

Pattern Abbreviations
ch = chain
sk = skip
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
sl st = slip stitch


Special Stitch
V STITCH (VS) – dc, ch1, dc in stitch indicated
Chain 46

Row 1
Dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in each chain across, ch 2, slip stitch new color on creating 3rd ch, turn (do not cut strand)

Row 2
*Sk 2 dc, VS(dc,ch1,dc) in next dc. Repeat from * across to last 2 dc, dc in top of ch3, pull up a loop, remove hook and return to start of row 2

Row 3
Slip stitch 1st rows color up side to start row 3, ch3, dc in each stitch and ch1 space across row. At end of row when you insert hook in top of ch 3 add on loop left on row two and finish dc with two strands, keeping two strands chain 3, pull row 2's color through row 3's loop, turn

Row 4
(working with only row 2's color on hook) *Sk 2 dc, VS in next dc. Repeat from * across to last dc, dc in stitch, pull up a loop, remove hook and return to start of row 4

Row 5-23
Repeat Row 3 and 4 to final row

BORDER (worked in rounds)
Round 1
With BOTH colors ch1 and 3 sc in corner space, 1 sc in stitches around the edges. (3sc in each corner space) end round with a sl st in first sc, cut and pull through one color, chain 2 of the other color

Round 2
Hdc in each stitch around using the color, putting 2hdc in each of the 3 sc corner stitches.

Finish blanket by weaving in ends

Here's some other's we've made! 

Using 3ply yarn and a G hook you can create a blanket for smaller babies :)

Thank you Danita for this green and pink, I mean yellow and pink, no wait green and pink... lol...(truth is that yarn is indeed green, but it looks like yellow depending on what you have it against).

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