Still Birthday

I work on and off with Still Birthday, the wonderful creator of it all Heidi holds a special place in my heart. Her kind words, encouragement and patience helped me through my at home miscarriage in ways she will never even realize. She was my go to and I appreciate it with all my heart.

I like to donate when I can so when she asked me if I would be interested in making the scarves for her Love Wildly event I jumped on board!

The photo isn't the best, but here are some of them :)

They are made of fleece. Each one has a machine embroidered appliqué on them of three hearts. One in pink, one blue and the larger one purple. The fabric used on the appliques are from scraps I have from making outfits and blankets to be donated in my kits. So they have a special meaning.

Want to learn more about Still Birthday? Check our her website here:

You can find more about the Love Wildly event there as well :)

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