March for Babies Walk!

Another year in the books. It was a COLD and WINDY day but the March for Babies walk happens rain or shine! I'm happy for the no rain part :) 

Special thanks for those who came willing to facepaint! Dylan became a one man show but there wasn't too many faces willing to be painted with the cold temperatures.


Danita as always is a huge help. She sat with me a few days taking care of making ornaments and stuffing envelopes :) Here's the ornaments soon after they were painted. Every person who placed a butterfly in the garden that represented a loss got a matching heart with foot butterfly painted on it :) They had ribbons attached to them so they could be used as ornaments or wall decorations :) 

Here's the beautiful butterfly garden! 

This year was smaller than most years I'm sure it was due to the cold, but it always is a fun time just talking to other angel moms and joining together in such a great event! THANK YOU so much to everyone that came!

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Dylan Hendrix said...

So Glad I could help out. I wish the people wanted more face painting done. Maybe next time I am in New York we can do it again!