Donation Sent! - Angel Blankets - 36 wraps & diaper sets

I sent out these pretty Lay Me Down wraps and diaper sets to a great organization that works with hospitals across the state. Angel Blankets is a wonderful organization that sends out blankets to bereaved parents of little babies. It's all done in memory of her special little girl Landyn. You can help, request or just stop in to say hi here's her webpage link:

This donation came with alot of help from a dear friend of mine. Without Danita's help I think I would still be sewing. She spent days sewing, trimming and turning with me to get this done along with another hospital donation that I will be happening soon. Thank you Danita!
Now on to the pretty sets we sent!

24-30 weeks

18-23 weeks

14-18 weeks
 Each photos shows only 10, I tossed in two more of each size when I discovered I had some extra and because she's been waiting for so long! Sorry!

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