Donations Donations Donations we LOVE them :)

I've received countless boxes from people and mostly one person in particular and it's so heart warming that people still want to help give in this world :) I often feel people are ready to receive all the time but never will give back...but in the past four weeks especially I'm see another side and it's nice! Here are just a few of the boxes that have recently come in :) 

This all came from Stitches from the Heart :) 
Many tagged from people from all over the country! 

These next photos are what astound me the most :) They all come from ONE person...

And I'm sure I'm missing some of the items! 
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've sent :)

I can't forget other's like Samson's Strength for Angel Babies
and Angel Threads both have also supported Kaitlin's Angels sending wonderful and as always beautiful items as well :) 

There are also some local people who bring me bits here and there they all know who they are and that I appreciate them :) 

Thank you EVERYONE for donating to us. Your items will always be used in boxes to help make those last moments special. 

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