First Larger Blanket Set!!

I used Joshalynn to model these since she's about the size of a 29-30 weeker. Did I mention that I have two other dolls now to help me model? They need names...hmmm I will ponder that one ;)

I even have a larger teddy bear to go with these sets as I make them!! I made booties! I'm so proud! I followed a pattern! (well not for these, I followed a pattern for a different booties and them promptly altered it for these, I don't know why I do that!)

The measurements are (roughly):
blanket - 28 inches by 28 inches
hat - 16 in circ and 5 1/2 in tall
booties - 4 1/2 in long by 2 1/2 in wide with a 6 in opening for the foot.

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