Knitting for other Angels

I also took up knifty knitting :) With my new found knitting skills I have made little hats, blankets and booties to give those who loose their babies for whatever reason something to hold on to. I still have the burial gown, hat and blanket that was given to Kaitlin. Its the only outfit that i have that fit her and it was the only bit of clothing that touched her skin. So it sits tucked away. I want to give others something like that to hang on. Since I know others who have walked away from the hospital with almost nothing. It's hard enough to deal with the loss of child but to have nothing to hold is worse. Here is the first one I ever made...i'm still learning.

This one I love, since it's just so delicate looking.

I've also included with each of the sets little bears.
They will be a perfect fit for their tiny hands.

I used chunky yarn for this one. I won't use it again.
But i'm still learning and I believe that ANY thing is better than walking away with nothing.

This is my favorite one to date.
I want to make a larger one for a future baby girl.
I just need remember what dollar store I got the purple from now ;)

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usagi said...

I came across your baby blog on baby-gaga and was so saddened to hear of the passing of your daughter. I lost my first child and two of my most precious possessions are his box (he was actually small enough to lay in it.... now it houses ultrasounds and other momentos) and of course the knitted covering that he wore when I got to hold him. Kaitlin is helping others through you, what a good little girl!